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Programs & Services




Mayor’s office Services


  • Renewing a business Permit
  • Hakot Serbisyo sa Barangay
  • Availing of Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES)
  • Conveying Complaints/Suggestion


Municipal Budget office


  • Certification of Appropriation Available
  • Assistance of Barangay Budget Preparation


Human Resource Management


  • Performance Pledge
  • Issuance of Service Record
  • Applying for Certification of Leave Credits
  • Filing an Application for leave


Treasury Office


  • Paying of real Property Taxes
  • Issuance of official Receipts for Payment:
  1. Police Clearance
  2. Medical Certificate/Stool Exam/Sanitary Permit
  3. Fire Certification/Zoning
  4. Real property Tax Clearance
  5. Business Permits/Licenses
  6. Ownership and Transfer of Large Cattle
  7. Water Bills
  8. Other Fees                    
  • Issuance of Community Tax


Accounting Office


Financial Transaction

  • Vouchers for Reimbursement of Traveling Expenses
  • Vouchers for Cash Advances
  • Vouchers for the Purchase of Office Supplies
  • Reimbursment for Supplies
  • Procurement of Diesel/Fuel
  • Procurement of Materials
  • Payment for Electric/Telephone Bills
  •  Other Payments
  • Vouchers Covering Reimbursement/Payment of Supplies and Materials without any Official Receipts


Municipal Civil Registrar


  • Registration of Live Birth
  • Application for Marriage License




  • Application for Membership to the Mainit Water System
  • Application for Installation of Pipes for Household Tapping


 Engineering Office


  • Securing a building Permit


Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office


  • Availing Assistance for Individual in Crisis Situation


Assessors Office


  • Availing owners copy of updated tax declaration


Agriculture’s Office


  • Availing Animal Health Extension Services and    Livestock Production Technology Assistance
  • Availing Artificial Insemination Services for Swine


Municipal Planning Development Office


  • Availing of Locational Clearance


Legislative Office


  • Requesting Enactment of Ordinance and /or Passage of Resolution


Rural Health and Family Planning


  • Availing of Maternal Care Services
  • Availing of Immunization Services
  • Availing General Consultation






Programs & Services


News / Events

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