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Concerned Citizens Should Help Build Rather than Destroy-Mayor MOndano

December 24, 2009


On the Occasion of the 111th    Independence Day Celebration

            This local government unit observed the celebration of the 111th Independence Day of the Republic of the Philippines. This awe-inspiring and significant event was participated by all the agencies of the local government unit.

                School children and teachers of the Secondary and Elementary schools in the Poblacion and the teachers of the Mainit District also joined in the joyous commemoration of freedom. The event was commenced by a flag ritual delivered by selected students and teachers of Mainit National High School. If taken seriously by everyone in attendance, the flag ritual which was solemnly enacted would have inculcated a deeper love of country and would have metamorphosed a non concerned citizen to a concerned one. The wreath laying ceremony followed, with all agencies in the LGU represented by the heads including the national offices laid wreaths and flowers at the foot of the monument of the Phil. National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. From there, the public moved to the freedom stage where a program was held, featuring songs, dances and tableau depicting the Filipino struggle for freedom. The significance of the celebration was delivered by Mr. Carlos A. Odtojan, principal of Quezon Elem. School.

                Mayor Mondano in his inspirational message encourage every Mainitnon to take active part in the building of the Mainit community instead of being fence sitters, watching for every mistake the administration commits or making negative commentaries to every undertaking the administration undertakes.

                “Concerned citizens should help build rather than destroy. Community building is not the concern of public officials and employees alone but by everyone. Good citizenship is nationalism and patriotism-loving our country in general and the community in particular. Love of country is shown not only by giving our lives in the battlefield but also becoming good citizens- contributing our talents, ideas, efforts, time and resources for the good of the community, not by giving empty commentaries”, the mayor added.

                Poverty which is the greatest battle we are fighting now to make freedom more meaningful could best be addressed with our united and concerted efforts and with our vigilance. “In unity there’s strength the saying goes” ,he added.

                Majority of the municipal officials were  in attendance during the celebration, namely: Vice Mayor Jessnar C. Mosende, SB Member Al Rodin Behagan, Roxie Salino, Cayetano Recabo, Nelson Reyes, Fely Odtojan and Arturo Mosote joined the celebration.

                It was concluded with the community singing of “Ako ay Pilipino” and a snack served by the LGU.



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