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December 22, 2009

             Mayor Ramon Mondano allows no idle minutes for himself and the construction workers in the Mainit Lakeside Legacy Resort, as he doubles effort to catch up with his timetable of inaugurating the structure in September this year.

                “I want to prove to all and sundry that this leadership could give rise to a multi-million structure despite absence of the expertise of a construction engineer but the LGU manpower including myself, to manage and supervise the construction; and from meager funds generated locally. The structure if completed could become a concrete landmark of my administration- my legacy to the people of Mainit, which for generations the Mainitnons could take pride of.” The mayor averred.

                “Contrary to claims of many, particularly the fench sitters, this LGU has not contracted any loan or debt whatsoever for the resort construction as of date. The LGU spending of more than 8 million pesos comes from local funds.” The mayor added.

                “I have plans of contracting a loan worth 7 million with the Land Bank of the Philippines for the development of Mapaso Hot Spring  into a  Wellness Resort and Marayag Water Falls Resort, since the development of these two tourist potentials will compliment the need of a tour package for tourists visiting Mainit when we completed the Lakeside Legacy Resort”. The mayor further explained.

                It is recalled that during the first term of office of Mayor Mondano in 1992, he also contracted a loan of 3.5 million pesos with the Land Bank of the Philippines in the construction of the Mainit Poblacion Water System. After 3 years, the LGU finished the loan amortization without hampering obviously the development projects of the Local Government Unit; and which at present is earning revenues for the LGU.

                Presently, the Mainit Lakeside Legacy Resort is 70% completed. The 48-guest rooms of the 58-rooms two-storey hotel  are already tiled and painted including the four suite rooms, two conference rooms, two swimming pools- one for children with slides and one for adults, plus the six concrete cottages and two lounging areas. However, 10 more guest rooms and the reception room in the ground floor are yet to be painted. The bulk of the work required for completion of the project is the ground filling, the construction of the convention center and the restaurant which at present are on going.

                Meanwhile, Congressman Guillermo A. Romarate, Jr., representative for District II, Surigao del Norte, visited the Mainit Lakeside Legacy Resort during the SB Building inauguration on June 9, 2009. The Congressman appreciated so much the Mayor’s effort of providing and envisioning such a lofty project. He expressed surprise how the Mayor managed to undertake such a large-cost structure with funds sourced locally. Generally infrastructures costing millions are undertaken by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) with funds coming from the national coffers.

                Congressman Romarate, promised to appropriate 5.5 million pesos from his third Quarter Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) for the construction of the LAKEWALL in the Lakeside Legacy Resort site.

                Part of the resort development, the Congressman aided to Mainit, is the construction of the 65-meter concreting of Rizal Street going to the lake at the side of the resort, which at present is already completed.



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