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History, Vision & Mission

December 21, 2009



The seat of Local governance of Mainit – The Municipal hall – built in 1993 during the first term of office of Mayor Ramon B. Mondano – In the background are the following cypress tress lined with the sentinels of the Roman Empire.





The first inhabitants of Mainit settled near Lake Mainit in what is now barangay San Isidro. It was believed that the constant harassment of pirates forced the original settlers to move to the present town site.


Mainit was made into a barrio in 1904 under the Municipality of Placer. In 1906, it became a Municipality of Agusan Province but after six months, Mainit was returned to the Province of Surigao del Norte and its status was reverted to being a barangay of Placer. Mainit was finally made into a municipality in Jan. 1, 1931 by virtue of Executive Order 290 dated December 27, 1930 signed by Governor-General Dwight F. Davis.


Two of Mainit’s barangay was made into a Municipality: Tubod in 1958 and Alegria in 1968.

Mainit got its name from the hot sulfuric spring which flows to the river the “Mapaso Hot Spring”. Mapaso literally is “hot”.






             An economically progressive community anchored on tourism, local enterprise development and agro-industries abreast to the trends of national development.


            We commit ourselves to encourage people’s participation in the upliftment of the living condition of Mainitnons through proper management of resources consistent with the principles of sustainable development in an atmosphere of a sincere and dedicated local leadership.




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